Premium Puppy Benefits

Sit and Stay Program

At The Puppy Store Saratoga Springs, we’re here for you and your puppy with all of the premium resources and training to help you successfully raise a happy and healthy puppy! After all, all puppies eventually grow up and need to learn how to be friendly and how to behave in public and at home. 

All puppies adopted from The Puppy store include an all-inclusive lifetime membership to Petkey’s DOGstar Training, (including the helpmefindMYPET Alert, and helpmefindMYPET ID Registry). Each Saratoga Springs puppy comes with access to a library of training videos that will help you and your puppy create a lasting bond. 

Lifetime Microchip Registration and Activation

No Renewal, Transfer, or Update Fees!

Our lifetime microchip registration will never require any annual fee, renewal fee or fee to update your account. Petkey will host your pet’s microchip registration so that it is accessible via the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. Registration is completed automatically for you at the time of checkout.

Dog Training & Behavior Support

DOGstar Premium Training Program

Your Premium DOGstar Membership will include unlimited, online, lifetime access to Brian Donovan’s DOGstar Dog Training Video Library. Your obedience support doesn’t stop there though. DOGstar Certified Behaviorists are just a phone call away to help you troubleshoot any behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog. You’ll be able to call a behaviorist as many times as you need to for the life of your pet until you are comfortable with a training plan that is suited just for you and your best friend. Keep your puppy safe, happy, and well trained with Sit and Stay program!

Some of the puppy training topics included in the program:

  • Housebreaking
  • Crate Training
  • Socialization 
  • Chewing
  • Curbing Destructive Behavior
  • Biting/Aggression
  • Basic Commands: Sit , Stay, Down, Heel
  • Jumping up on People
  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Lure Training
  • Grooming/Desensitizing
  • Fun Tricks
  • Best Puppy Toys and Treats
  • Submissive Wetting
Keep your new puppy safe, happy, and well trained with The Puppy Store’s Sit and Stay Program!
Lost Animal Recovery & Alerts
  • Online Lost and Found Classifieds
  • Automatically generated printable lost pet poster
Additional Premium Benefits from The Puppy Store
  • Unlimited live telephone dog training support
  • Full access to the online library
  • Toll free calls to DOGstar Certified Behaviorists
  • DOGstar DVDs
  • Lost Animal Recovery & Alerts
  • Online Lost and Found Classifieds
  • Automatically generated lost pet poster
  • ID Tags
  • ID Cards
  • Snap Lead Training Leash
  • Training Treats

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